Why Tim Mathern is running

To pare back state government.


Close the North Dakota Office of the Treasurer.

I plan to close this office. Once closed I will no longer be the Treasurer and the taxpayers will no longer pay me or other staff now or in the future. The legislature would be a partner in the closing process.

Why close it:

  1. Save money, over a million dollars now and every year in the future.
  1. We need to think long term, this change makes structural change to state government to save taxpayers money for the next 100 years.
  1. This frees up prime square footage for other state staff that are now in expensive rented offices outside the capitol.
  1. There are other more pressing needs. For example people are dying from lack of mental health care and property taxes are too high.
  1. Any Treasurer’s Office work that has continued value can be done by Office of Management and Budget, Tax Commissioner’s Office and Bank of North Dakota. We do not need four agencies doing this kind of work.

Why now:

  1. State budget cuts are a common discussion among citizens, candidates, and officeholders.
  1. Cuts that are made across the board weaken every department, making them less able to serve citizens well.
  1. Many changes are needed in state government; we can do this one right now. It’s proactive and reasonable.
  1. Citizens are practical. There are too many statewide offices to intrigue the citizens to bring candidates forward. Citizens aren’t pushing candidates forward for the Treasurer’s Office because this office really isn’t that important.  With technology changes fewer offices are needed than was the case at statehood, 127 years ago.

Change is around us in our daily lives, we need to embrace it in government too.

  1. Change is gradual, but it does come and we can do it with proper planning, discussion and action.
  1. In farming the threshing machine has been replaced by combines.
  1. In communication phone booths have been replaced by cell phones and computers.
  1. In good gardening we do paring and pruning.